We help customers define and implement their organizational sales process, from market awareness to sales techniques leading to sales improvement and, ultimately, to success. Together with our customers we have developed a series of development steps to enhance sales culture into a corporate wide responsibility. The Five-step-approach consists of sales communication, sales process, management commitment, training and implementation.


Sales Strategy.gifDescription of Sales Communication (PDF)Description of Sales Process (PDF)Description of Management Commitment (PDF)Description of Training (PDF)Description of Implementation (PDF)




Go-to-Market Development Workshop™

A methodology developed specially for rapidly develop sales ready messaging that can be applied among the sales process. The development program is a series of planning, developing and approval workshops. The core concept of the workshop is to deliver and design sales ready messaging that allows sales people to manage complex business discussions with customer's senior management. Read detailed description (PDF) here.



Sales Process Development Workshop™

Workshop to develop, design and document sales processes reflecting to the customers buying process. This can be one single workshop or series of workshops depending on the complexity and variations of company offerings. Outcome is

  • defined and documented sales process(es) that is documented and approved by the management team
  • documented sales process definition that communicates the sales process steps, the activity list and the KPI measurement for verified outcomes.

Read detailed description (PDF) here.


Golden Document Workshop™

Management training with a sales focus. Objectives are

  • to align senior management’s understanding of common goals and objectives as well as used terminology
  • to develop tools and best practices for top management to steer, lead and follow-up sales projects and support sales management
  • physical commitment principles and model to steer, lead and follow up the sales organization.

Read detailed description (PDF) here.


CustomerCentric Selling Workshop™

A defined sales process training that helps sellers to succeed in todays marketplace. A training module where sales and support organizations learn behavioral skills, how to act and use the specific sales process tools and methodologies. Develops and enhances organization's sales culture by communicating the same model throughout the company. Read detailed description (PDF) here.


Business Simulation Workshop™

An intensive sales process implementation workshop that simulates real life selling-buying process during a 24-hour game environment. This service is best suited for sales management and sales people that have participated to CustomerCentric Selling® Workshop. Read detailed description (PDF) here.