Three Pillared Approach to  Sales Improvement

Together with our customers we enhance sales culture into a corporate wide responsibility. We help our customers Define, Communicate and Implement their organisational Sales Strategy leading to sales improvement and success.

Three Pillared Sales Improvement Approach
Pre-training development Sales training Implementation

*Sales process workshop
*Golden document workshop

*Systematic Sales Workshop

*Business Simulation
*Pipeline assessment
*Sales mgmt coaching
*Sales tools integration

Strategy and tranisition project management

 Pre-training Development Workshops

Sales Process Development Workshop™
A workshop to develop, design and document sales processes relating to a customers buying process. This can be one single workshop or series of workshops depending on the complexity and variety of your company’s offerings. Deliverables are:

  • Defined and documented sales processes that are documented and approved by the management team
  • Documented sales process definition that communicates the sales process steps, the ownership and activity list and the KPI measurement for verified and measurable outcomes.

Detailed Sales Process Development Workshop description (PDF)

Golden Document Workshop
Management Commitment and Training with a sales focus. Objectives are

  • To align senior management’s understanding of common goals and objectives as well as common terminology
  • To develop tools and best practices for top management to commit to steer, lead and follow-up sales projects and support sales management and the sales organisation

Detailed Golden Document Workshop description (PDF)

Go-to-Market Development Workshop
A communication methodology developed specially for rapidly producing sales ready messaging that can be applied throughout the sales process. The development program is a series of planning, development and approval workshops. The core concept of the workshop is to deliver and design sales ready messaging that allows sales people to plan and manage complex business discussions across a customer's senior management.

Detailed description of Go-to-Market Development Workshop (PDF)

Sales Training Workshops

CustomerCentric Selling Workshop™
A proven, tactical sales methodology that has evolved into a series of defined, predictable, repeatable and measurable steps to generate more revenue. It helps sellers to succeed in today’s marketplace. A training workshop where sales and support organisations learn good behavioral skills, how and when to use the specific sales process tools and methodologies. Develops and enhances an organization's sales culture by communicating the same model throughout the company. Clients can attend either an Open or Single Company Workshop.

Detailed CustomerCentric Selling Workshop™ description (PDF)


Business Simulation Workshop™
An intensive sales process implementation workshop that simulates a real life selling-buying process during a 24-hour game environment. Attendees use the internet, telephone, meet “clients” face to face and work as a team to maximize sales opportunity. This service is best suited for sales management and sales people that have participated in a CustomerCentric Selling® Workshop™.

Detailed Business Simulation Workshop™ description (PDF)

CustomerCentric Europe also has tailored Pipeline Assessment Workshops evaluating the quantity and quality of deals in pipeline, their success rate, lead-to-customer-conversion ratio and sales velocity. You get tangible feedback, what are the strengths and weaknessess of your pipeline and where toconcentrate your efforts in order to get the most our of the pipeline. We also can help you to coach your Sales and assistance in implementating the sales tools into praxis to be used efficiently in both CRM and SFA. All these workshops are tailored to meet your needs. Please contact us to hear more.